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Week 8 — A Sense of Strength

Week 8 - Creativity is a downhill sled away

This week tackles another major creative block: time.  You will explore the ways in which you have used your perception of time to preclude taking creative risks.  You will identify immediate and practical changes you can make in your current life.  You will excavate the early conditioning that may have encourage you to settle for far less than you desire creatively.

Reading this week’s synopsis, my thinking was this week will focus on time management. In fact, I led myself to believe that if that was the case, then I could perhaps ease off a bit.  That was not the case.  As you can see, this week’s post has been two weeks in the making and my perception of week 8’s exercises were misguided.  It’s also fitting and appropriate for the current events in my life.  For some time now, I’ve been considering re-entry into my previous life as a techie. I was in search of an opportunity to feed both my intellectual and spiritual creativity. I did find such an opportunity and although in this first phase of development, it takes a majority of my time; in the long run it affords me freedom to create.  These two weeks, I had to look within to discover my excuses.  The life dramas I create to impede my creative journey.

And that is what brought week 8’s lesson to me: taking action steps — no matter, small or big. Take action steps towards my dream and the path will make itself clear.  I’ve been practicing taking small action steps since January and yet this week those small action steps seemed so distant from my end goal as a professional artist.  Am I making the correct steps? Am I doing enough?  I can go on and on with that questioning.  It all ends with a creative block.  I was reminded by friends and several life whispers “to do what I love and the rest will follow.”  It’s true.  Life’s pursuit of one’s joys lead to a happy full-filled life. Hence, my pursuit for intellectual creativity as well as a spiritual one.  Art is my spiritual Zen dojo in which I practice unleashing my emotions & sense of purpose onto canvas.  In the process of searching for that purpose, it donned on me that happiness is a choice and that choice was mine.  So I jumped at the opportunity to fill both areas of my life. In the end, it is my attitude that defines what I currently am. And right now, I am happy.  I continue to pursue my life as an artist and this time around I also attach to my pursuit, my life as an intellectually-driven, creatively-solving tech-head!

Week 8 - Lester jumps and lands This past week, the snow-covered hilltop decided to stay a bit longer so opportunities for two-man sledding (on my snowboard) and small aerial feats were at hand.  My friend Cory, Sarah and I decided to trek up the hill and discover fun times with a snowboard and snow shovel.  Didn’t have the video camera on for the hilariously failed attempts at snow shovel sledding.  Too bad!  Here’s a hint: you need a scoop shovel to pull off the sledding, otherwise there are a lot of face-plants in your future.  As in pursuing life’s purpose, pursuing life’s pleasures start with small steps. In this case, step after step uphill to get your moment of flight downhill.


Week 7 — A Sense of Connection

Week 7 - Snow Covers High Heaven Valley

We turn this week to the practice of right attitudes for creativity.  The emphasis is on your receptive as well as active skills.  The essays, exercises, and tasks aim at excavating areas of genuine creative interests as you connect with your personal dreams.

The weather provided great inspiration for week 7.  A later winter snow storm dumped a foot and a half of dry powder on the hillside.  It made for a beautiful scene and filled me with excitement & thoughts of adventure.  I love the snow and that is one of the reasons I enjoy living where I live.  In the winter, we get small blankets of powdery snow — enough to have some fun for a few days.  That’s exactly what this week brought as I excavated my areas of creative interests.

Week 7 - I am LestarAlong with excavating my office to uncover my desk and workspace, I took some time to play in the snow.  Beautiful sunny weather and the cold brisk air provided great times.  I’m finding more and more that enjoying the day benefits my creative soul.  It’s fun to engross myself in a painting and yet ignoring the possibility for play when the opportunity presents itself is also not beneficial for my overall artist health.  Deadlines come and go, yet missed opportunities are that—missed!  That’s why its important to clue in on my environment and not get caught up in the task.  With that said, having an organized work space, not only lessens the clutter in the environment — it clears up my mind to focus.

And thus the excavating of the office.  After clearing some physical and mental space, I proceeded to follow through with the week’s exercises.  That meant identifying the inspirations and actions that put a smile on my face.  This week I put together a collection of heroes, inspirers and outrageous imagery that combine who I am and what I want to be.  I enjoy looking at that visual reminder.  The “I Am Lestar” contains part of that and I share it here.  The entire image is on my desktop.  If anything it gives me a cause for mental pause when I need a break from my laptop or day. Afterward, it was another hike out in my backcountry and go for a little jump of fun.


Week 6 — A Sense of Abundance

Week 6 - Kickin' It

This week you tackle a major creative block—money.  You are asked to really look at your own ideas around God, money, and creative abundance.  The essays will explore the ways in which your attitudes limit abundance and luxury in your current life.  You will be introduced to counting, a block-busting tool for charity and right use of funds.  This week may feel volatile.

This week raised new levels of understanding for me.  Personal value and self-worth came up — not in the my world is over, kind of way — more in the manner of this is WHY I do what I do.  The big WHY!  One question that people ask often and may not have an answer for — What is my purpose?  I create art because it brings me joy.  I get a kick out of creating something from a blank canvas.  The joy is in the creative process.  The end result is art. As Seth Godin answered in his blog, ‘Art is what we call…, “It’s in the soul of the artist.”  Yes,  I whole-heartedly agree!  Art is in the soul of the artist and as an artist, I unleash that onto the blank canvas.  That is one belief that makes it challenging when putting a dollar value on the finished product.  I’ve talked to professional artists, budding artists & closet artists during my continuing adventure in the art realm and this challenge often times is in the forefront.  Seth Godin in his blog indicates that art is something risky.  I’ve learned to take that risk over and over and over again with each new painting. The first time was the riskiest for myself and each time it got easier.  Much easier.  It’s like practicing a new martial arts scissor kick.  The first time, my feet are barely off the ground.  Each progression of kick after kick after kick gets me higher and higher.  Each kick trains my body.  Each risk trains my soul to continue forward.

Continuing in the journey is what it’s all about for me.  I’ve always claimed that “Art is my passion” and to continue towards that goal is worth the risk of putting a price tag on my soul.  What ever the outcome, I feel happy knowing that the canvas which was once barren is now full of life — colorful, vibrant & textured life.  Stepping out in the cold mountain air onto a snow-filled morning, reminds me to take it all in stride.  Life is beautiful, especially when I’m not fighting myself.   I love to look at our snow-covered front yard and imagine each snowflake a brushstroke being applied onto the canopy of leaves and the surrounding ground.  Life is full of natural art — creating beautiful somethings.  The risk is stopping one’s self to admire it every so often.

Week 6 - The Beauty of Winter

I wanna be an artist…just like you.

Today, I had an awesome surprise. Today was Market day at McMinnville, which Sarah and I have our works of art — her jewelry and my paintings. I’ve been painting at my space for the past two weeks for fun and to get some creativity flowing. This day a little girl, named Elizabeth, with her mother and brother & sister visited.

Her mother tells me that Elizabeth decided she will be an artist “when she grows up.”

Elizabeth said, “I wanna be an artist…, just like you!”

That was the most fantastic moment and truly made my day — my week! She was probably 4 or 5 years old and for her to proclaim her dream of being an artist is amazing. Moments like today keep me painting and living my artist dream. We had a great conversation about having fun while painting and to paint/draw whenever she possibly can. If you hear of an artist named Elizabeth from McMinnville, remember you read about her here first.

Project 100 in local paper

I and Project 100 had an incredible breakthrough this week. The McMinnville local newspaper, News Register, featured Project 100 on Wednesday’s, December 23rd. The article entitled, One Hundred Days of Painting by Hannah Hoffman, was a great surprise for Christmas with two great pictures of me – one from my office studio and another from my barn studio. Thanks to Hannah Hoffman for coming out to interview me and Marcus Larson for the pictures. The write-up was more than I expected and a great blessing.

Here’s the link to the article. Read and leave me a comment.

Project 100 bloopers!!

Hello all — this is Sarah. I just wanted to give you all a little behind the scenes taste of project 100. Basically, Lester was very nervous about the video portion of his project 100- he was feeling a bit camera shy. So when day 1 finally came, I told him to do a round of practice runs that nobody would see- to get all the kinks out and get comfortable with the camera …. well, I found those video clips and put them together for a little Lester fun!!! I was laughing sooo hard- I hope you all get a little laugh today too! (Please note, as of today I have Lester’s permission to post this- he has grown in many ways, huh!!)

Enjoy the day 1 bloopers!

Visit the Project 100 Gallery online to see all 100 paintings from 100 days.

Day 100 Captain of Your Own Soul

Day 100 — WOW! What an incredibly exciting day! Thank you for supporting this project of 100 paintings in 100 days. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my paintings with you during these 100 days. I loved this journey!

For today’s inspiration, I painted my friend’s dream. In his dream, he was on a boat in the middle of a storm. Lightning struck and he reached out with his right hand, harnessing the lightning bolt. He experienced his body taking in the energy. After doing so, the horizon immediately was clearing from the storm. The approaching land
was illuminated by a beautiful sunrise. This dream was significant to him because at the time his health was not the best and after having the dream, his health recovered fully. He now currently has ALS and I hope that this painting reminds him of that dream to harness the energy within to full healthy recovery. This painting also is a great reminder for me to captain my soul and move towards each horizon. Truly a great inspiration for painting 100.

Enjoy “Captain of Your Own Soul.”

Stay tuned for a wrap-up of Project 100. Thank you, again. I appreciate your support of this project.

If you want to purchase any of the paintings, email me or visit the Project 100 Gallery to purchase online.

Day 99 Sunny, Sunny Day

Day 99 — On the second to the last day and I decided to venture out a bit. I’ve been looking at Van Gogh paintings recently. I love his texturing and colorful depictions of movement. Today also happens to be another friend’s birthday and she is from Greece. So I decided to combine both and create a Greek coastline scene depicting the windmills in Mykonos. The sunrise radiates from the sea to bring in the new day and asks “what destiny lies ahead for the viewer?”

Enjoy “Sunny, Sunny Day.”

If you want to purchase any of the paintings, email me or visit the Project 100 Gallery to purchase online.

Day 98 Radiating Serenity

Day 98 — Including today, I am three days to 100. This has been an incredible journey. I’ve been asked these several days, “how does it feel to be close to the end?” Well, I have mixed emotions about the end of this journey. I am happy the finish line to this adventure is coming and I am also experiencing a sense of calm. So today’s painting reflects the solace of completion. Under the glowing fall harvest colors of the Japanese maple sits the Japanese lantern. The winding tree limbs provide cover, while two humming birds find a home in the lantern to nurture themselves. They can rest under the protective maple and lantern, enjoying the serenity of their environment. I love the energy of the painted leaves swirling about, while the tree and lantern are fixed energies of unwavering strength.

Enjoy today’s painting “Radiating Serenity.”

If you want to purchase any of the paintings, email me or visit the Project 100 Gallery to purchase online.