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Project 100 in Barrels

Well, not quite. Project 100 has been invited to Winter’s Hill Winery in Dundee, Oregon. I will be sharing the barrel room for this weekend and next week’s Thanksgiving weekend. The Gladharts have extended their gracious hospitality and allowing me to display my art from Project 100. Here’s your chance to see the paintings in person and pick yours out. Come visit from 11am — 5pm on the following days:

Saturday, November 21st
Sunday, November 22nd
Friday, November 27th
Saturday, November 28th
Sunday, November 29th

Visit the beautiful Dundee Hills and come taste the fabulous wine from Winter’s Hill Winery. Great people and great wine! Visit their website for more info at See the map below for directions.

Who’s On Third?

This past weekend on July 10th to the 12th, I once again participated in McMinnville’s “Who’s on Third? – Artist Village”. This year, the canopies were set up two streets down on Cowls Street. This was a much better spot because we were in the middle of foot traffic as people went from live concert to the next and visiting vendors along the way. The weather was much cooler than last year, as well. No 90+ degree heat to scare art patrons from melting asphalt. Sunrise Rotary, the sponsor for this event, decided to have the public vote on their favorite work of art — The People’s Choice Award for First, Second and Third. Over 20 artists participated this year which made it an incredible festival of talent.

It was great to see people coming back from last year and remembering me. More than one occasion I was greeted with “I remember you from last year, I love your art” or “I saw you on tv and I had to see your work”. That made this event really special for me. I was thrilled to visit with each of them talk about my paintings. This makes me realize that I am developing a following of admirers and collectors of my art. Thank you to all those that bought art and stopped into my canopy.

Art Walk – Newberg Gallery

This is my third showing at Newberg’s First Friday, Art & Wine Walk. For the month of June, I am featured in Sally Dallas’ Newberg Gallery. Sally Dallas, master framer & certified picture framer and owner of Newberg Gallery, invited me to showcase my new series of paintings on the I’Ching. For this event, I finished another painting using the I’Ching symbol #7 Shih. Shih consists of two trigrams “earth” and “water”, which symbolizes the ground water stored in the earth. I’ve chosen to depict a mountain reflecting itself onto the water surface surrounded by iris’ and the resourceful baby spiders spinning their webs around.

The event was fun and I met lots of great people such as these students from nearby George Fox University. I explained to them about my process of painting and of the I’Ching.

Nest Art Show Interviews

Here is a video snippet of me from the Nest Show Interviews, aired on McMinnville’s local television network – MCM Channel 11. The air times are listed below. Video for The Nest Project was provided by Meadowlake Studios, who create shows throughout the Yamhill Valley exposing the art community to the public.

Cultural Encounter: The Nest Project Part 2
Tuesday, 04-07-2009 8:30 PM
Monday, 04-13-2009 3:00 PM
Thursday, 04-16-2009 11:30 PM

To view the entire 30 minute video (videos loaded into 3 parts), visit here.

Arts Resource Opens

The weekend show was a fantastic experience. The town of Carlton was welcoming to everyone attending, especially friends visiting from out-of-town like Portland and Vancouver. What a memorable day! I loved broadcasting live. That gave me an opportunity to share the gallery with my friends & family from out-of-state – California, Nevada and the East Coast. You can watch the recordings at