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Getting Past the Creative Block

Today, I watched TED talks, featuring Elizabeth Gilbert — author of Eat Pray Love. She had a great take & talk on the creative muse. It made gave me great inspiration to keep creating my art. I’ve fallen pray to the “creative block” and during those times, I’ve wondered how to break free. Elizabeth provided an interesting take on where these “divine glimpses” originate and how to create relationship with my muse. Curiously, I have had personal conversations with my muse and yet what she relayed with her talk gave me new insight into working with my muse. I’ve often heard the messages of creativity urge me to paint, write or draw. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I’m so committed to my creative block that the messages come in as faint whispers walking through a busy work day in downtown San Francisco. I can hardly differentiate the voices coming from every direction and too focused to notice that the faint whisper is a big bus readying itself for a head-on collision with me. Somehow, I manage myself to miss the collision and left with my so called “creative block”. These days I keep myself focused on painting and creating — regardless of how I feel. As Elizabeth Gilbert explains, I keep myself occupied with my talent and allow for my muse to flow through in partnership as the painting presents itself. Each time, I am amazed at the finished masterpiece.

Watch the video for yourself and tell me how you interact with your muse?