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Day 11 – Tiger at High Noon

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Sun was shining on this day and the treetops melting off the snow from the previous night’s snow storm. It was a beautiful site of the rising sun at midday and the mist glowing over the mountain range far ahead. That was day 11’s inspiration. Along with a shadowy figure enjoying the sunshine and brisk air possibly doing Kempo forms or a nice, good stretch.

Check out the time lapse video and you tell me:

Art Break – How I Ease My Stress

It was a bright and sunny day today.  It was a great opportunity to break from my studio to stretch out my legs and get some sunshine.  I’ve been practicing martial arts for the past year now and I’ve learned some great techniques/forms that one can utilize for stress reduction, as well as strengthening the body.  If “art” is in the name of the activity, I’m pretty much in!

Here’s a demo of one of my favorite forms.

Day 4 of Project 100

Day 4 of Project 100. Today I started a new series of back drops. I’ve decided to start painting a barn scene. This was by request from a friend and so these next 3 pieces will incorporate some elements. I figure living in the country has to provide some inspiration, right? We’ve got so many great friends here in Oregon that love the country life and there is lots to experience. I’ve lived in the city for most of my life and the adjustments have been worth the adventures. I’m loving the “actual” four seasons, the fresh country air and the connection with all the wildlife. Sarah supports me a lot with this experience, especially with our horses on the property. Sarah and I love it!

Enjoy “Barn Chicken” and let me know how you feel about the painting and the Project 100 process.

If you want this painting, send me an email and let’s connect.

Day 3 of Project 100

Painting 3 is done of Project 100 – 100 paintings in 100 days for $100 each. This was an incredible day that tested my willingness to complete the painting. It seemed my attention was dispersed to other projects throughout the day that needed equal attention. I’m happy to have succeeded with accomplishing painting number 3 and working through my day’s events. Today is a good example in keeping myself organized and focus. There is lots of room to incorporate more organization skills to make my days flow easier. I’m thinking a calendar of events will help me greatly. Back to today’s painting. This is the last of the koi series, Oh Koi! What’s fun about this new painting is discovering and developing the many hidden elements in the background. Enjoy the painting and email me, if you want this painting for your collection.

Day 1 of Project 100

Day 1 is done! This was a challenge for me – knowing that I had to complete the painting. My nerves were attempting to get the better of me and I prevailed through the fear of not finishing. The constant thoughts of creating 100 paintings in 100 days kept me motivated and excited to finish. I’ve been told fear and excitement are quite similar energies &mdash I guess it all depends on what I focus on.

Here it is – Painting for Day 1!

Getting Past the Creative Block

Today, I watched TED talks, featuring Elizabeth Gilbert — author of Eat Pray Love. She had a great take & talk on the creative muse. It made gave me great inspiration to keep creating my art. I’ve fallen pray to the “creative block” and during those times, I’ve wondered how to break free. Elizabeth provided an interesting take on where these “divine glimpses” originate and how to create relationship with my muse. Curiously, I have had personal conversations with my muse and yet what she relayed with her talk gave me new insight into working with my muse. I’ve often heard the messages of creativity urge me to paint, write or draw. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I’m so committed to my creative block that the messages come in as faint whispers walking through a busy work day in downtown San Francisco. I can hardly differentiate the voices coming from every direction and too focused to notice that the faint whisper is a big bus readying itself for a head-on collision with me. Somehow, I manage myself to miss the collision and left with my so called “creative block”. These days I keep myself focused on painting and creating — regardless of how I feel. As Elizabeth Gilbert explains, I keep myself occupied with my talent and allow for my muse to flow through in partnership as the painting presents itself. Each time, I am amazed at the finished masterpiece.

Watch the video for yourself and tell me how you interact with your muse?