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Cry of the Phoenix

Wow! Today was so fun, I got to present my latest work of art – a commissioned piece representing the mythical Phoenix. I think I was more excited to present the masterpiece to its owner than he was…then we started talking and I was mistaken. He was quite excited! This is a new process for me. I’ve incorporated a lot of the techniques I’ve been using for Project 100 into this painting.

The elements wanted in the piece were flying Phoenix towards the sun (from left to right) and its tears, which symbolize the giving of life & creation. I learned today of the Dragon Boat practice where the eyes of the dragons (carved into the ships) were painted last. Whoever conducted the ceremony to initiate the Dragon boat would paint the eyes to “bring life to the dragon”. It so happened that the eye of the phoenix was left for that purpose (without me knowing this story). It was perfect because I then got to finish the eye with the owner to be. He actually got to put the last pigment onto the eye and “brought the Phoenix to life”. That was so cool for me to experience.

I’m happy with this masterpiece and I want you to join me in my joy. Here is “Cry of the Phoenix”. Click on the image to bring you to my gallery and see it even bigger (under “Commissions” tab).

Art Walk – Newberg Gallery

This is my third showing at Newberg’s First Friday, Art & Wine Walk. For the month of June, I am featured in Sally Dallas’ Newberg Gallery. Sally Dallas, master framer & certified picture framer and owner of Newberg Gallery, invited me to showcase my new series of paintings on the I’Ching. For this event, I finished another painting using the I’Ching symbol #7 Shih. Shih consists of two trigrams “earth” and “water”, which symbolizes the ground water stored in the earth. I’ve chosen to depict a mountain reflecting itself onto the water surface surrounded by iris’ and the resourceful baby spiders spinning their webs around.

The event was fun and I met lots of great people such as these students from nearby George Fox University. I explained to them about my process of painting and of the I’Ching.

Arts Resource Opens

The weekend show was a fantastic experience. The town of Carlton was welcoming to everyone attending, especially friends visiting from out-of-town like Portland and Vancouver. What a memorable day! I loved broadcasting live. That gave me an opportunity to share the gallery with my friends & family from out-of-state – California, Nevada and the East Coast. You can watch the recordings at