Art Walk – Newberg Gallery

This is my third showing at Newberg’s First Friday, Art & Wine Walk. For the month of June, I am featured in Sally Dallas’ Newberg Gallery. Sally Dallas, master framer & certified picture framer and owner of Newberg Gallery, invited me to showcase my new series of paintings on the I’Ching. For this event, I finished another painting using the I’Ching symbol #7 Shih. Shih consists of two trigrams “earth” and “water”, which symbolizes the ground water stored in the earth. I’ve chosen to depict a mountain reflecting itself onto the water surface surrounded by iris’ and the resourceful baby spiders spinning their webs around.

The event was fun and I met lots of great people such as these students from nearby George Fox University. I explained to them about my process of painting and of the I’Ching.