Day 12 – Painting with the family

Day 12 – first day in San Francisco area, I’ve been relaxing with my family and enjoying my time with them. Even got the opportunity to paint with my nieces for day 12. That was fun to see their unique viewpoints in creating art — from a 2 year old and a 16 year old. In the end, it was a great reminder to have fun while painting! Today’s painting continues with the theme of figuratives and the quest for enlightenment.

Here is “Letting Go”.

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Day 11 – Painting While Traveling

Day 11 – Today we drove from Oregon to San Francisco, love visiting the family. 10 hour drive…how to create a painting and make use of the time in the truck? With a tip from a friend to use a compartmentalized container to separate paints. That proved great for the trip. With the bumps in the road, painting was a real adventure. I’ve started a new series of backgrounds. I really love the flowing blue tones in these backgrounds. Enjoy, “Queen of Receiving”.

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Day 10 – Holy Cow, what a day!

Day 10 – Today was another 100 degree day, although the evening started to bring in the cooler temperatures. I had so much fun with yesterday’s abstract, that I decided for another go. What I love about my process of painting is the many directions it can take me. I find having an open mind through the process allows the brushes and paints to keep flowing. It’s really freeing. After it was all done, I ended up with some bovines dancing in the heavens. Enjoy “Purple Cow Universe”!

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Day 9 of Project 100

Day 9 of Project 100. This day provided me with my first test of adversity. I was challenged by my internet connection and posting to my blog was difficult. With the heat hovering at 112 for most of the day, I was attempting to keep my cool in many ways. So for now, I’ve uploaded the image and will have the video uploaded when my connection to the internet has improved.

This painting is a fluid abstract called “Mystic”. I just love the fluidity of this painting and I find more and more elements in the painting that I just appreciate. In keeping with the cool colors of the previous day, I’m venturing and expanding my techniques. Enjoy!

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Day 8 of Project 100

Day 8 — Today is incredibly hot. I had other paintings in mind and I think my subconscious had other plans. I found myself painting a dragon-ess…lady dragon. The cool tones brought out a water-color style. This project definitely has me practicing lots of various painting styles. Yet another great outcome from Project 100.

Here is “Dragon-ess”.

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Day 7 of Project 100

Day 7 today started with the heat already creeping up on the mountain where we live. Even though no clouds were present, my head felt like they were. And that little inspiration drew me towards my backgrounds full of clound-like features. After painting, I found myself in the water painting underwater life with dolphins. This was fun to present the scene of dolphins swimming — moving through the sea. I love creating this painting. This is actually a canvas that I did not create a series. Enjoy the painting.

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Day 6 of Project 100

Day 6 of Project 100 – Barnyards III, this painting was lots of fun. One note, the image on the video always displays in reverse because the webcam reflects back (like a mirror), so the image below is how it lays out. From the progression of paintings, I’ve been exposing more and more of the life outside the barn. This painting shows two dogs swimming in a nearby pond as their owner is riding the tractor in the distance. I particularly like the composition because the dogs and flowers frame the tractor and barn. It’s almost a scene within a scene. I’m loving that I can build from one painting to the next. The darker background was a nice challenge for me to pick up the color and incorporate into the overall piece. Enjoy “Barnyard III – Out for a swim”!

Day 5 of Project 100

Welcome to day 5 of Project 100. This second barn scene is entitled “Tractor Chickens”. I was having lots of fun painting the smaller chickens roaming around the tractor. These backgrounds are less complex than the koi backgrounds because they have less paint splatters and only two colors were used. Those splatters are the yellowish images that make up the abstract flowers. Lots to see in this painting. Enjoy!

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Day 4 of Project 100

Day 4 of Project 100. Today I started a new series of back drops. I’ve decided to start painting a barn scene. This was by request from a friend and so these next 3 pieces will incorporate some elements. I figure living in the country has to provide some inspiration, right? We’ve got so many great friends here in Oregon that love the country life and there is lots to experience. I’ve lived in the city for most of my life and the adjustments have been worth the adventures. I’m loving the “actual” four seasons, the fresh country air and the connection with all the wildlife. Sarah supports me a lot with this experience, especially with our horses on the property. Sarah and I love it!

Enjoy “Barn Chicken” and let me know how you feel about the painting and the Project 100 process.

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Day 3 of Project 100

Painting 3 is done of Project 100 – 100 paintings in 100 days for $100 each. This was an incredible day that tested my willingness to complete the painting. It seemed my attention was dispersed to other projects throughout the day that needed equal attention. I’m happy to have succeeded with accomplishing painting number 3 and working through my day’s events. Today is a good example in keeping myself organized and focus. There is lots of room to incorporate more organization skills to make my days flow easier. I’m thinking a calendar of events will help me greatly. Back to today’s painting. This is the last of the koi series, Oh Koi! What’s fun about this new painting is discovering and developing the many hidden elements in the background. Enjoy the painting and email me, if you want this painting for your collection.