Elephant Moon

To give you an understanding of my moon phase paintings, I have to tell you about my experience to start the year of 2010.  My chin, neck, shoulders, upper chest and arms broke out into a rash and were highly inflamed.  The cause was directly unknown and only attributed to stress & fatigue.  I experienced this again 3 and 6 months later and found out through a Naturapath that I was dangerously deficient in vitamin D.  This caused my immune system to be overworked and prone to allergies which cause the rash and inflammation.  This experience was not fun for me, yet taught me many lessons.

During my time with this discomfort, I retreated to art and images of elephants and ravens flooded my imagination.  One in particular, the elephant above was a dominating presence and I found myself staring into his eyes reflecting on my life.  I meditated frequently attempting to understand and to find comfort in the pain.   What message was I to hear?  Three ravens fly around the elephant’s ear conveying their messages of life, of memories and of lessons.  Originally I painted this without the moon and left it knowing that something was missing.  I looked at the painting recently and realized that a new moon was calling.  New moons are the beginning of the moon phases on its journey to fullness.  The new moon signifies for me “rebirth,” the start of a new journey.

I hope you enjoy this painting.

Embracing Change

Continuing with my moon-phase inspired series, I am painting a self-portrait.  With this painting, I am hoping to express my commitment to being an artist and the release of my fears from being an artist.  The past years I have been struggling with embracing this aspect of my life.  Looking for answers where none were required.  This painting came to me one day as I stared up into the moon as it was reaching “fullness.”  I stared and stared, hoping that the moon would present an answer to me.  In the stillness of evening and the glowing moonlight, I realized that no answer was coming.  My answer was already here.  I was afraid of being an artist – to present my work, express my gratitude for my talents and proudly exclaim, “Yes, I am an artist!”  Change is quite a challenge – to break from the norm and to tread the unknown.  I have been living afraid the last few years, blindly walking the path of the artist and not realizing what was in front of me.  I am making strides and living my dream.  It may not be what I first envisioned.  Never the less, it is what it is and I am living my dream.  This time with my eyes open to the opportunity.

This is the sketch with scribbles of thoughts and feelings.  I hope to convey it in my painting.

Looking Ahead

I’ve stated that changes are coming to this site.  The first phase was the look and feel of the blog.  The next phase will be the gallery portion of the website.  Expect them this month.  In conjunction with website changes, I’ve started a series of paintings that deal with the concept of change, specifically relating to the phases of the moon.  For me, looking up at the sky each night is an event of admiration for the moon.  Each night the moon presents another part of itself, always changing and constantly moving from horizon to horizon.  Sometimes, it presents itself during the morning ours and early parts of the day.   This is an evolving concept and series of paintings.

Here was my first introspective look at change with “Crescent Moon.”

2 Artists – 1 Canvas

At the Market McMinnville this past Saturday, August 7th with fellow artist John Stromme.   We share the art space there each weekend.  We have differing styles and I thought it a great idea to paint together.  John was somewhat skeptical and wasn’t sure how things would play out due to our unique styles of painting.  And the common denominator for me — he likes to have fun and so do I.  That sealed the deal for me and  the painting was on.  Another zany adventure in painting.

We started with the concept of “leaves”.  He started on one side of the canvas and me on the other, simultaneously applying brushstrokes of color.  The result a jungle mash-up of leaves and bamboo.  It’s interesting to paint with another creative person with differing ideas of color and imagery.  It was fun!

Visit John Stromme’s blog for his previous works at JohnStromme.wordpress.com.  Maybe this will encourage him to update his blog and post his latest creations of monochromatics, abstracts and acrylics.