15 Minute Masterpiece

Here we have 3 artists, 3 canvases and 3 hours of fun at the McMinnville Public Market.  Hirofumi Glover, John Stromme and myself decided to use our time wisely by collaborating on three paintings.  Here was our format — 2 rounds of painting for each canvas with each artist.  First two paintings followed the 15 minutes & 5 minutes rounds, while the last painting followed the 8 minute & 3 minute rounds.

John Stromme started the adventure, while Hiro and I stood in the wings awaiting our turn.  Then I followed and Hirofumi took the last leg of the painting relay.  We each have our respective styles and this brought forth drama and clashing brush strokes to the paintings.  We prevailed by co-mingling our ideas & perceptions onto a canvas that provided limitless potential.  We each saw different things and kept adding to the painting what we each thought the painting requested.  In the end, we had lots of smiles both from us and the viewing crowd.

Enjoy the the slideshow above and see the adventure unfold.