Week 8 — A Sense of Strength

Week 8 - Creativity is a downhill sled away

This week tackles another major creative block: time.  You will explore the ways in which you have used your perception of time to preclude taking creative risks.  You will identify immediate and practical changes you can make in your current life.  You will excavate the early conditioning that may have encourage you to settle for far less than you desire creatively.

Reading this week’s synopsis, my thinking was this week will focus on time management. In fact, I led myself to believe that if that was the case, then I could perhaps ease off a bit.  That was not the case.  As you can see, this week’s post has been two weeks in the making and my perception of week 8’s exercises were misguided.  It’s also fitting and appropriate for the current events in my life.  For some time now, I’ve been considering re-entry into my previous life as a techie. I was in search of an opportunity to feed both my intellectual and spiritual creativity. I did find such an opportunity and although in this first phase of development, it takes a majority of my time; in the long run it affords me freedom to create.  These two weeks, I had to look within to discover my excuses.  The life dramas I create to impede my creative journey.

And that is what brought week 8’s lesson to me: taking action steps — no matter, small or big. Take action steps towards my dream and the path will make itself clear.  I’ve been practicing taking small action steps since January and yet this week those small action steps seemed so distant from my end goal as a professional artist.  Am I making the correct steps? Am I doing enough?  I can go on and on with that questioning.  It all ends with a creative block.  I was reminded by friends and several life whispers “to do what I love and the rest will follow.”  It’s true.  Life’s pursuit of one’s joys lead to a happy full-filled life. Hence, my pursuit for intellectual creativity as well as a spiritual one.  Art is my spiritual Zen dojo in which I practice unleashing my emotions & sense of purpose onto canvas.  In the process of searching for that purpose, it donned on me that happiness is a choice and that choice was mine.  So I jumped at the opportunity to fill both areas of my life. In the end, it is my attitude that defines what I currently am. And right now, I am happy.  I continue to pursue my life as an artist and this time around I also attach to my pursuit, my life as an intellectually-driven, creatively-solving tech-head!

Week 8 - Lester jumps and lands This past week, the snow-covered hilltop decided to stay a bit longer so opportunities for two-man sledding (on my snowboard) and small aerial feats were at hand.  My friend Cory, Sarah and I decided to trek up the hill and discover fun times with a snowboard and snow shovel.  Didn’t have the video camera on for the hilariously failed attempts at snow shovel sledding.  Too bad!  Here’s a hint: you need a scoop shovel to pull off the sledding, otherwise there are a lot of face-plants in your future.  As in pursuing life’s purpose, pursuing life’s pleasures start with small steps. In this case, step after step uphill to get your moment of flight downhill.