Day 9 Lantern Signpost

Today’s painting, I took inspiration from all the snow falling up on our hillside. I enjoy watching the snow fall and cover the ground. We take hikes into the forests behind our house and are treated to some amazing views of the valley. It looks quite majestic at times. I included a lantern to aid the travelers in with their direction.

I added an extra challenge today by painting on the textured side of my masonite board. It added extra grit and gave it a canvas feel.

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Here’s the time lapse video:

Day 6 Buddha Enjoying Snow

What happens when you’ve staged a Laughing Buddha outside on a snow covered rock and decide to paint without using any white or local color?  Well, it’s something hysterical when I’m so used to adding some white to brighten and illuminate the composition.  I had to be creative and use what I had. I chose not to mix white with red to get pink, which would have been a great choice. I simply used pure pigments on hand. So there you go, a fortunate snow day on the hilltop provided a great opportunity.

I also tested out my handy Flip Video to create a time lapse of the process. Battery died near the end, so I captured the last few minutes to show the end result. I’ll post the fast-forward video in another post.

This was a blast! Enjoy!

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Day 5 – Itsukushima Lantern

Day 5 of the Thirty day art challenge. My friend Clare, who is also taking on the challenge, suggested I play with not using white or the local color of the subject for this day.  That created great room for exploration as I use white often to create my various tones. This exercise challenged me focus on effectively using warm & cool colors to create my paintings. This was fun and I can definitely grow further.

I used cool colors to depict the lantern overlooking the shrine gate and warm colors contrasting the sky and water. The end result is a fun and moody skyscape.

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Art Challenge Day 2

Second day of painting, this time using oil paints.  I’ve decided to paint on 6″ square wood panels for the remainder of the Art Challenge. Found it tricky to paint on smaller. I had to refine my brushstrokes and change my perception – bigger, bolder strokes were key in moving along.

The subject matter is Sarah’s horse statue. I love the rustic colors that shine from its surface. It makes my imagination soar.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 1

You’ve seen me do this before. I had a conversation with my friend and fellow artist, Clare Carver, about a website that showcased daily painting. That got me thinking about how to focus on my art and thus a challenge was born. I’m joining her with her personal challenge of 1 painting a day for 30 days.

I’ll be switching from acrylics to oils every other day on this journey.  Subject matters will vary and the mood will hopefully be the same – rich, vibrant and full of life.  Here’s the first painting from last night.

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