Day 100 Captain of Your Own Soul

Day 100 — WOW! What an incredibly exciting day! Thank you for supporting this project of 100 paintings in 100 days. I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing my paintings with you during these 100 days. I loved this journey!

For today’s inspiration, I painted my friend’s dream. In his dream, he was on a boat in the middle of a storm. Lightning struck and he reached out with his right hand, harnessing the lightning bolt. He experienced his body taking in the energy. After doing so, the horizon immediately was clearing from the storm. The approaching land
was illuminated by a beautiful sunrise. This dream was significant to him because at the time his health was not the best and after having the dream, his health recovered fully. He now currently has ALS and I hope that this painting reminds him of that dream to harness the energy within to full healthy recovery. This painting also is a great reminder for me to captain my soul and move towards each horizon. Truly a great inspiration for painting 100.

Enjoy “Captain of Your Own Soul.”

Stay tuned for a wrap-up of Project 100. Thank you, again. I appreciate your support of this project.

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One thought on “Day 100 Captain of Your Own Soul”

  1. Congratulations Lester on a job well done!

    man….100 paintings in 100 days is quite an accomplishment.

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