Project 100 bloopers!!

Hello all — this is Sarah. I just wanted to give you all a little behind the scenes taste of project 100. Basically, Lester was very nervous about the video portion of his project 100- he was feeling a bit camera shy. So when day 1 finally came, I told him to do a round of practice runs that nobody would see- to get all the kinks out and get comfortable with the camera …. well, I found those video clips and put them together for a little Lester fun!!! I was laughing sooo hard- I hope you all get a little laugh today too! (Please note, as of today I have Lester’s permission to post this- he has grown in many ways, huh!!)

Enjoy the day 1 bloopers!

Visit the Project 100 Gallery online to see all 100 paintings from 100 days.

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