Embracing Change

Continuing with my moon-phase inspired series, I am painting a self-portrait.  With this painting, I am hoping to express my commitment to being an artist and the release of my fears from being an artist.  The past years I have been struggling with embracing this aspect of my life.  Looking for answers where none were required.  This painting came to me one day as I stared up into the moon as it was reaching “fullness.”  I stared and stared, hoping that the moon would present an answer to me.  In the stillness of evening and the glowing moonlight, I realized that no answer was coming.  My answer was already here.  I was afraid of being an artist – to present my work, express my gratitude for my talents and proudly exclaim, “Yes, I am an artist!”  Change is quite a challenge – to break from the norm and to tread the unknown.  I have been living afraid the last few years, blindly walking the path of the artist and not realizing what was in front of me.  I am making strides and living my dream.  It may not be what I first envisioned.  Never the less, it is what it is and I am living my dream.  This time with my eyes open to the opportunity.

This is the sketch with scribbles of thoughts and feelings.  I hope to convey it in my painting.

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