My current oil paintings reveal the dramatic emotional landscape hidden within our daily interactions. Inspired by music, relationships, conversations and dreams, my work is a visual representation of the tones of intimacy and self-expression. What occurs in the exchange between student and teacher, the embrace of two lovers, even between our conscious and unconscious selves, is ripe material for my artist’s inner eye. It is the abstract emotional undercurrent coursing beneath the tangible that I depict in my work.

As an artist, I challenge myself to be receptive to my inner seer. I begin most of my work with my physical eyes closed, relying instead on the senses of my deeper consciousness to uncover the layers of yearning, passion and beauty that give power to each moment. Yielding to the endless possibilities of the blank canvas, I apply the colors, layers and shapes called forth by the artist within. The colors, strokes and texture of oil paints allow me to communicate the intensity and energy of emotions.

Submitting to the infinity of expression unlocks my own boundaries, and opens the door to communication between the painting and the viewer. My work invites viewers to connect with their own inner stirrings, longings, and vibrancy. Each painting is not only a reflection of my own personal expression, it also reflects for the viewer the diversity and individuality of his or her own emotional depths.