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Dancing Moon Memory

A nostalgic mountain stares at the tree.
A tree peers into the distant mountain.
Above, the moon dances and shimmers.

This is a painting from last fall. I really like the simplicity of the composition. It spawned many other paintings for me, focusing on structure and how each entity interacts with another. It’s so nostalgic, a feeling of timelessness.

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24 Red Crane Sky

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Two Red Cranes at Play
Underneath the Red Lit Sky
Shine Brightly Tonight

UPDATE (2012-04-12): Renaming this painting to “Love Cranes Playing”. Thought it was more fitting and it’s a play on “love birds.” They really are having lots of fun!

The red cranes continue to inspire for painting number twenty-four. I had originally painted the backdrop with this wonderful dark blue textured background and it found home to this composition. I love the cranes and their expressions. Two good friends enjoying their time.

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Here’s the time lapse video of “Red Crane Sky”:

Day 15 – Buddha and The Red Box

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When it comes to still life paintings and pulling out amazing vibrant colors from the subject, Clare Carver is phenomenal. I had the pleasure of painting with her today and was that ever a gift for me. I brought in my Buddha and she brought over her tiny red box, a Japanese toothpick container, to create our still life subjects. We gave each other an opportunity to paint subject matters that we both found challenging. Talking art and painting resulted in a fun and expressive little red box & Buddha.

What are your thoughts?


Day 5 – Itsukushima Lantern

Day 5 of the Thirty day art challenge. My friend Clare, who is also taking on the challenge, suggested I play with not using white or the local color of the subject for this day.  That created great room for exploration as I use white often to create my various tones. This exercise challenged me focus on effectively using warm & cool colors to create my paintings. This was fun and I can definitely grow further.

I used cool colors to depict the lantern overlooking the shrine gate and warm colors contrasting the sky and water. The end result is a fun and moody skyscape.

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