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23 Flying Crane

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Flying above the lake
Soaring above its mirror
Neither me nor you

A haiku to accompany the painting. Inspiration comes and I follow to where it leads.

I was on a short break from painting. Recharging my batteries and needing to prep & cut more panels for future paintings. Closing in on the last week of painting and wanting to finish strong.

Any ideas on paintings?

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FlutterFlutter is one of four in an exploration of the zen of life through nature on 3″x3″ basswood.  Humming birds have been present in many paintings.  Here the little bird flutters beyond the grasp of roses to enjoy his abundance.  Roses surround the little bird all for its enjoyment and nourishment.

Currently, this painting is hanging for sale at the McMinnville Public Market in McMinnville, Oregon.

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